Our Services 

  •      Lath and stucco repairs

  •      Lath and stucco room additions

  •      Stucco water leak intrusion detection and repairs

  •      Interior plaster repair

  •      Foam Outsulation System

  •      Drywall repair

  •      Exterior, interior coatings

  •      Power washing


Just a note:

When it comes to patching the lath and stucco areas around windows,

doors, and exterior walls one of the most important procedures is the proper

lapping of the vapor barrier and window flashing. If done improperly, it can

lead to water intrusion causing mold and costly interior repairs that will go

unnoticed for years!

This is why we take the care and time to do it right...  just because it may look good on the outside from the other guy, it's what's on the inside that counts!